The Need for a Vision

Migration and translocality have a far-reaching influence on the development of Kosovar cities and on the social fabric. In addition to these very specific challenges, politics, planning and society also have to deal with other global challenges at local level: climate change becomes particularly dangerous for sensitive population groups during the summer months and leads to an increase in the number of deaths; heavy rains threaten all population groups and endanger critical infrastructures such as hospitals, archives, power plants or military installations. Pandemics strain health systems and change the importance of public spaces. Wars and crises lead to disruptions in supply cycles and thus to supply bottlenecks, while critical infrastructure is increasingly under threat.

In order to be able to solve these common challenges, visions and strategies are needed – Short-term solutions to acute problems are to be offered as well as long-term solutions to sustainable and resilient urban development in order to create good quality of life for present and future generations.